About Us


Apartial is a one of a kind creative platform with a clear vision to bring art to everyone, especially those who need it most. We are passionately compelled to inspire the uninspired by spreading the work of some of the world’s best artists.


The Apartial story started with the simple idea of sharing the portfolios, shows, paintings and prints from our favourite creators. But this wasn’t enough, we got a glimpse of the potential and we were determined to do more. We wanted to bring new meaning to the “The Art of Giving” in a series of projects. Collaborations For Change was born. We teamed up with Conor Harrington, Faile, Felipe Pantone, Kobra, Ben Eine, Okuda, Herakut, Sandra Chevrier, Maser, Martin Whatson, Mark Jenkins and more to transform spots in the world’s largest refugee camp on the South Sudanese border, the heart of Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and elsewhere.


Now, we are searching for more sustainable solutions by switching our focus from places to people. We are connecting struggling creators with some of the world’s best to give them an opportunity to kick-start their career. Our latest series of projects will produce artwork from acid-attack victims in India, vanishing tribes in Indonesia and more. All the artwork will be auctioned in our Store with the funds being used to support the future of the struggling creators. 


We also still believe in what we started with; sharing and selling artwork from our favourites so keep an eye on our Instagram for updates and news.


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