If you’re stuck at home, there is no better way to feed your urge to explore than by flicking through the entries for The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year. It attracts some of the most insanely talented photographers that the world has to offer. They capture unique settings and situations that will inspire you to book a flight. Here are some of the most spectacular entries so far.

Reynold Dewantara Reynold Dewantara Img 1



Aashit Desai

Aashit Desai Img 2



James Smart

James Smart Img 3



Antonio Leong

Antonio Leong Img 4



Pierre Destribats

Pierre Destribats Img 5



Takeshi Marumoto

Takeshi Marumoto Img 6



Wing Ka H

Wing Ka H Img 7



Massimo Rumi

Massimo Rumi Img 8



Tugo Cheng

Tugo Cheng Img 9



Julia Wimmerlin

Julia Wimmerlin Img 10



Thierry Bornier

Thierry Bornier Img 11


Images: National Geographic