You can now view some incredibly immersive videos thanks to the development of 360° cams. Viewers can choose what angle they see by dragging their mouse or fingers around the screen. It can become even more interactive by turning your device from side-to-side to control the perspective. GoPro Freedom Mount, BublcamRicoh Theta and Giroptic are some of the companies leading the charge in this innovative market. 

The future potential of these cameras has got us very excited as bringing the audience closer to the experience is sure to inspire others to take action and create. We feel filmmakers need to embrace this latest advancement as there will be no turning back once the audience experiences the power of 360° videos.

So, are 360° videos the future?... We're convinced that they're here to stay so get yourself prepared. First of all, watch the video below and check out others on Youtube. Then, buy a 360° cam and start creating!


Videos Via: World Surf League