Technology has revolutionised many areas of design but are we set to take another step towards automated creations? It is always exciting when innovative ideas appear but ‘doubt’ is the first thing that comes to mind when you question whether the tattoo community will welcome the new 3D Printer X Tattoo Machine mashup. Most artists are very protective of the traditional methods for creating their work but the designers say they are working alongside some artists to provide them with “a new tool that offers plenty of new possibilities.” The tattoo machine, named Tatoué, is the brainchild of Appropriate Audiences based in Paris. Here at Apartial, we love seeing young designers developing ideas with no fear of what others will think so we look forward to seeing more updates about Tatoué.


3D Printer Tattoo Machine


the new 3D Printer X Tattoo Machine mashup


3D Tattoo Machine





Photos & Video Via: Appropriate Audiences