There has been a huge amount of controversy about the use of drones since their first flight but nobody can dispute the impressive footage they capture. It puts a ‘helicopter’ in the hands of amateurs and allows them to innovate and break the boundaries. We love their potential to fly inside isolated locations and reveal fresh pictures. They have been used to peek behind the walls of Apple’s new campus, uncover the world of Burning Man from above and experience fireworks from the sky. Drones allow us to see our standard surroundings from a new perspective. Their dropping prices and enhanced quality is making the ‘birds eye-view’ a standard shot for all filmmakers. Check out four of our favourite drone films that highlight their flexibility as their focus range from architecture and art to sports and nature. 


Peter Cox // ‘Atlantic Light’


Ian Wood // ‘Downtown LA’ 


Stu Gibson // ‘I Like To Fly’ // Surf


Brain Farm // ‘Phantom Flex4k Drone’


Videos Via: Peter Cox, Ian Wood, Stu Gibson, Brain Farm