Against The Wall 

We got nothing but appreciation for the month of Movember as men’s mental health is something that has affected us all. “This Movember, Sotheby’s and the Movember Foundation, will offer ten powerful new works from the world’s most prolific street artists. Harnessing the distinct urban style for which they are famed, each artist has created an agenda-setting piece motivated by, and aimed at nurturing, open conversations surrounding men’s mental health and suicide prevention. The bold works will go on view to the public in Sotheby’s London galleries as part of the ‘Contemporary Curated’ exhibition. Proceeds from the sale of these works on November 20 will benefit the Movember Foundation and their dedicated investment in ground-breaking mental health programmes.” 

Here’s a little brief from the man behind the movement, Mr. Dean Stockton, better known as D*Face: “At its core, Street Art has always been about breaking barriers, both physical and social. By emerging from the confinements of the traditional gallery space, it allowed people of all description to engage with the medium of art. In much the same way, I strongly believe Street Art has the ability to breach the social stigma of men’s mental health – to collapse this invisible boundary that’s causing men to keep their struggles to themselves. It’s no secret that many artists across history, including myself, have battled with issues of isolation and loneliness. What Street Art brings to the table for both artist and viewer alike is a catalyst for conversation, a common point of reference for casual discussion and precisely what men struggling with their mental health are in need of. My own contribution to the exhibition, ‘Console the Lonely’, deals with the subject matter head on, in the hope that it will inspire more similarly direct exchanges between male friends regarding their mental wellbeing. So much can be achieved in such a few words, someone just needs to start the conversation.”

This ground-breaking show will feature original pieces by Ben Eine, Felipe Pantone, Okuda, Invader, Shepard Fairey, Conor Harrington, Vhils, D*Face and more. It all kicks off on the in mid-November so keep an eye on D*Face for updates. 




Images Via: Movember