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Einstein wrote, ‘If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it’. For most people involved in film, the notion of a group of young Irish lads living in a remote town on the west coast of Ireland doesn’t seem sufficiently crazy to fit the bill… Then, you meet the characters involved and it all makes sense.

We spent 24-hours learning from the Hardy Bucks as they filmed series three. Needless to say, their latest antics blew us away as they pushed the boundaries of what is suitable for TV. Here are a few lessons we learned as we watched the world of Hardy Bucks come to life.

Filming is a team sport // Many different elements need to align in the world of film so everyone has to be at the top of their game. We witnessed the cast support crew members and visa-versa as everyone worked together to ensure this series is as successful as the last. It would be true to say that egos are a common feature of the film industry but there’s no evidence of that around Castletown. Everyone seems to know the significance of the person next to them. The Hardy Bucks cast and crew shared ideas and opinions as all parties involved had the ultimate respect for the other. You know what they say, “Once you have a good team, everything else falls into place”.

Give them freedom and they will give you their best // Strict scripts and plans put people in a difficult position as they can’t use their instinct. People need to respond to their surroundings and the reactions of others. The Hardy Bucks are constantly improvising and improving, this is what ‘creating’ is all about 

It’s all about making people laugh // It is not about fame or money; these people are dedicated to comedy. The most important thing is the ‘scene’, all concerns about the way you look or self-esteem goes out the window because if it gets a laugh, it’s worth it.

You must be passionate about innovation // Nobody wants to recreate a scene from another show or an older episode. It is about moving on and creating something unique. You should bring the viewer to a different world and allow them to forget about everything else. The only way you will see if something works is by grabbing the camera and giving it a go.

Collaboration inspires confidence // Feedback is at the heart of all success stories. This is especially true when people from varied backgrounds come together and influence each other. It allows people to push themselves outside their comfort zones as they learn from a different perspective.

You can have fun while being professional // It may seem strange to say this but work isn’t always about ‘work’. The sweet spot lies somewhere between productive and enjoyable. It is all about generating an atmosphere where people are comfortable enough to create openly. These lads know the perfect balance and are well able to do their job while having a laugh.

Love what you do // The underlining fact throughout this experience was that everyone was happy to be there; they love their work. If everyone is passionate about their position, there will be no weak points. 

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Images Via: Apartial, Eddie Durkan, Viper Higgins