Once again this year’s event didn’t fail to inspire the eager audience. The main stage was home to some of the world’s most exciting designers and creative-minds. Each speaker had 45 minutes to discuss tricks of the trade, nightmare clients, embarrassing experiences, life lessons and anything else that came to mind. It is impossible to capture the essence of the conference but we have complied a few of our favourite things from OFFSET to give you a glimpse of what it was all about.  

Cartoon Saloon


Best Lessons

1. Don’t Conform, Be Disruptive – Sue Murphy spoke about her unique approach that has helped her stand out and succeed.

2. The Little Details Matter - Annie Atkins discussed the regular  ‘insignificant’ components that combined to make The Budapest Hotel a masterpiece.

3. Side Projects Are Invaluable - Hey Studio highlighted the importance of personal projects as they can have a bigger impact than paid work. 

4. With Age Comes Wisdom - Tomi Ungerer opened up to show the depth of knowledge long-term professionals possess. 


Sue Murphy


Best Work

Andy Altman // ‘The Comedy Carpet’ 

Andy Altman // ‘The Comedy Carpet’


Forsman & Bodenfors // ‘Volvo Trucks’ 

Forsman & Bodenfors // ‘Volvo Trucks’


Cartoon Saloon // ‘Song of the Sea’ 

Cartoon Saloon // ‘Song of the Sea’


Annie Atkins // ‘The Budapest Hotel’ 

Annie Atkins // ‘The Budapest Hotel’


Best Quotes

“How often do kids get stuck in typography these days?” – Snask

“School is hard enough without your surname meaning penis.” – Matt Wille

“Hitler has been to visit me… Yay!” – Annie Atkins

“It’s about 19 Michael D. Higgins heads high.” – Steve Doogan


Best Speakers

Tomi Ungerer // An enlightening interview with Steve Simpson. 

An enlightening interview with Steve Simpson

Snask // An unconventional and eccentric approach to graphic design. 


Steve Doogan // 40 minutes of wit, humour and incredible illustrations. 

40 minutes of wit, humour and incredible illustrations.


The event has become an important date in the creative calendar as it continues to grow and grow with Irish and international talent sharing the stage for 3 days of inspiration. We hope Bren Byrne and the rest of the OFFSET team take a well-deserved rest before formulating plans for 2016. 


Chupi at OFFSET


Images Via: Chupi, Cartoon Saloon, Why Not Associates, Apartial