The art community comes alive at this time of the year as prints, books and calendars are released just in time for the festive season. A number of Irish artists have released some breath-taking work and stand toe-to-toe with their international counterparts. We have been treated to impressive examples of indoor and outdoor work over the last 30 days. 


Blek Le Rat // ‘The Last Tango’ @ The Quinn Hotel

Blek Le Rat ‘The Last Tango’ @ The Quinn Hotel



Danleo // 'Tiger'


Danleo ‘Tiger’



Jeremy Geddes // ‘Hypotasis’


Jeremy Geddes ‘Hypotasis’



Solus // ‘Dream Big’ @ ‘Born To Win’ Exhibition


 Solus ‘Dream Big’



INTI // ‘El Sembrador’


 INTI ‘El Sembrador’



Morgan // ‘Balance One’ & ‘Balance Two’


Morgan ‘Balance One’ & ‘Balance Two’



VNA // Issue 28 – Mike Giant


VNA Issue 28 – Mike Giant



The Project Twins // 2015 Calendar

The Project Twins 2015 Calendar 



Nigel Cox // ‘Oblivious’


 Nigel Cox ‘Oblivious’



Mc Bess 2015 Calendar




Images Via: Morgan, Coates and ScarryVNAMc Bess, MTN, Jeremy GeddesDanleo, The Stylish Flaneuse, The Project Twins