We have a passion for innovation but is anything really ‘new’ or is it simply an ‘adaption’?... The world of art and design is full of accusations of ‘copying’ as more and more work is shared via the Internet. Devour have published a video exploring the idea that Everything is a Remix. Kirby Ferguson explains how ‘creation requires influence’ and ‘we can’t introduce anything new until we are fluent in the language of our domain’. He draws on a wide array of examples stretching from Shepard Fairy to the typewriter. The video is also full of inspirational stories from the likes of Hunter S. Thompson who rewrote The Great Gatsby just so he could get an understanding of how to write a great novel.

We are now saturated with litigation and lawsuits but we must remember the original purpose of The Patent Act of 1790 was to ‘promote the progress of useful Arts’. We whole-heartily support innovation and the appropriate people must be accredited but everyone must remember we all share the responsibility to spread ideas and form an encouraging environment so the next generation can get inspired. 

 Copy Transform Combine


Gone in 60 Seconds and Kill Bill


1968 to Shepard Fairey 2006


PC Copy

 Flash Gordon and Star Wars



Images and Video Via: Kirby Ferguson and Obey