There are certain groups of creatives who refuse to follow the norm as they look for inspiration outside the ‘standard’ subjects. The realms of sport and design share certain characteristics as their participants thrive on passion and self-expression. Here are some examples of creatives and athletes collaborating in spectacular fashion.

The guys at Red Bull have drastically changed the world of extreme sports with athletes wildest-dreams becoming reality. This time, they created an ever-changing environment for BMX innovator Kriss Kyle. The Red Bull Media House was responsible for capturing the ground-breaking moves of this remarkable athlete. 

Red Bull Img 1


Red Bull Img 2



The team behind Jetman Dubai are challenging the possible with their innovative industrial designs. They have collaborated with Emirates to create this impressive piece of footage that highlights the potential of their creations.

Jetman Img 1


Jetman Img 2



We couldn’t discuss creatives and athletes without mentioning Brain Farm’s latest release, ‘View From A Blue Moon’. This revolutionary surf film follows John John Florence and friends around the globe as they redefine what is possible in the ocean. The award-winning film studio, Brain Farm, captures every microscopic detail using RED Dragon and Phantom 4K Cameras. Finally, they top it off with narration by none other than John C. Reilly.

Brain Farm Img 1


Brain Farm Img 2



Images and Video Via: Red Bull, Emirates, Brain Farm