Whilst most of our time is spent creating, The Liberia Project team try to squeeze in some surf sessions to wash away the paint and pressure of the project. We would walk through villages and jungles towards the beach and see countless bare buildings ready for revival. One such spot was an old police station surrounded by small homes. We quickly got excited as we inspected the building for options. Every section seemed perfect for painting but the team requested we face it towards the town so everyone could appreciate their newly acquired creative skills. The responsibility for reviving the location lay in the hands of the Brooklyn-based duo, Faile. The piece they selected was sure to add to the scene as they decided on “Surfer Horse”.

The local team were blown away with the idea that they could finally bring surfing out of the sea and into the community. Our panel of painters gathered and began to make their mark with pure West African positivity. The rain clouds moved closer and closer but nothing was going to stop the team once they got started, this piece went a little deeper than the paint. This was set to be their opportunity to inspire others in the community to be creative while promoting the sport they love. The optimism could be felt as this little slice of Liberia transformed into a small street party when music was played to encourage the crowd to come a little closer. Everybody seemed to be talking about the same two things, painting and surfing. 

Three-hours of projecting and six-hours of painting later, the team confirmed every section of Faile’s stunning piece had been completed. In a way, this was the proudest the team had been. They’d taken full responsibility for the piece and aimed for perfection. They seemed truly honoured to have collaborated with Faile in creating a mural that is sure to inspire the next generation of Liberian surfers and creatives. 

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Images: Alpanso Appleton + Apartial