The Tiger Fringe Festival is a multi-disciplinary event that brings Irish and international artists together for two weeks of mayhem. It allows people to witness unique pieces of work in an environment where boundaries are constantly dwindling. The festival is just over the halfway point and the talent seen so far should inspire everyone to get involved.

Emmet Kirwan and Ian Lloyd Anderson perfectly capture an adventurous night of two brothers in the country’s capital. This dark comedy is a masterpiece from the star of ‘Just Saying’ and the writer of Sarah and Steve. Emmet and Ian bring you on a journey that would stimulate anyone that has explored the city streets in search of one more drink. These two short films will give you an idea of what sort of experience is created by ‘Dublin: Old School’.





The Canadian artist, 2Fik, recreated “The Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife’ by Daniel Maclise in an 8 hour photography frenzy. He portrayed 82 characters throughout the performance that culminated in the unveiling at Filmbase.  Here is a look behind the scenes of the epic shoot. 

 Fring Festival 1

Fringe Festival 2

Fringe Festival 3

Fringe Festival 4

Fringe Festival 5

Fringe Festival 6 

Photos Via: Generator Hostels