Social media is a powerful tool that has the potential to inspire the next generation to look outside their bubble. Instagram has led to peculiar activities like 12 year olds drinking Starbucks coffee simply so they can ‘Insta’ their labelled cup. Trends like these are down to the accounts they follow and the images we upload.

There are a lot of stories highlighting the dangers of social media as it is putting huge pressure on the youth of today to be ‘perfect’ like their Instagram idols. However, everybody forgets that ‘Social Media Is Not Real Life’. Essena O’Neill recently changed her account to this title after accumulating over half a million followers. She was addicted to social status and social approval but has now dedicated herself to highlighting the truth. She has realised her potential and wants to disrupt the norm.

The ‘typical’ Instagram accounts are interesting but try introducing a little balance. The perfect blend has the power to keep us inspired yet informed. There is no problem with following the latest celebrity or your favourite food blogger but we encourage you to scatter a little variety in your daily dose of inspiration. Introduce a little diversity to your account and you will start to realise that life isn’t all about flat stomachs, the latest trends and fancy food. A great start is to search out non-profit organisations and independent creatives. After that, renowned photographers like Steve McCurry and Randy Olson will show you a different side of the world.

Our team will be highlighting alternative accounts @Apartial every week. To start off, here are a few that don’t publish the ‘classic’ Instagram ingredients.

@SteveMcCurryOfficial // Photographer

@SteveMcCurryOfficial International Photographer


@CharityWater // Non-Profit Org.

@CharityWater Non-Profit Org.


@SimplyAdventure // Travel Photographers

@SimplyAdventure Travel Photographers


@EveryDayAfrica // African Photographers

@EveryDayAfrica African Photographers


@VIIPhoto // 20 Photojournalists

@VIIPhoto 20 Photojournalists


Images Via: @CharityWater, @EveryDayAfrica, @SimplyAdventure, @VIIPhoto, @SteveMcCurryOfficial