Last night, an eclectic mix of gifted Irishmen came together to share stories and songs. The event was organised to raise money for the amazing work of Pieta House. Here’s some of the inspirational advice that was shared on the night.

‘Don’t ever let anyone laugh at you for taking a photo’ - Aidan Kelly (Street Photographer). It is important to keep this in mind when aspiring to be a creative as there is still an air of negativity surrounding a lot of the careers. All creatives have to overcome ridicule when starting out.  

‘I wouldn’t use the Ché style again’ – Jim Fitzpatrick (Artist - iconic Che Guevara portrait). It is important to remember that repetition isn’t always the answer. Innovation comes from pushing the boundaries and exploring different techniques and styles.

‘Watching as the world goes by – gotta try’ – James Costello (Hip Hop Mc). Everything starts with an idea but it must be followed by an action. When it comes down to it, everyone has to start somewhere so it might as well be now.

‘Hopefully the book will be out by the end of the year but it may not be’ – Gary O’Neill (Writer). Don’t release your work until you’re happy it’s finished. At the end of the day, it’s your name going on it and you have to live with the result.

‘Art isn’t just about me, it’s about us’ – Maser (Artist). Inspirational work comes from people that try to involve others. Leading artists and designers are responsible for motivating the next generation of creatives and the wider community. 'We're all in this together'.

Head over to to support an amazing organisation that is preventing suicide and self-harm throughout the country.

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