Photography and art go together like whiskey and ice... A classic combination… DMC + Aidan Kelly have teamed up to bring 14 unique pieces focusing on a man’s relationship with his beloved Dublin. The show opened in TLP and the crowds flocked from all corners of the country to get a glimpse of the exceptional work. The series, ‘Little White Lies’, captures the emotional journey that many Dubliners have experienced as they question their connection with their hometown.  Kelly’s distinctive photographs have been layered in DMC’s unique use of paint to create powerful images. Emotions are brought to the forefront as the shots are covered in cries of passion; such as ‘You Promised Me’// ‘Remember Me’. Here is a little taste of the launch night but to really appreciate these remarkable pieces you must see them in person. We look forward to checking out more innovative projects from Aiden Kelly and DMC

DMC + Aidan Kelly Img 1


DMC + Aidan Kelly Img 2


DMC + Aidan Kelly Img 3


DMC + Aidan Kelly Img 4


DMC + Aidan Kelly Img 5


DMC + Aidan Kelly Img 6


Photos Via: Apartial