LIX 3D printing pen was launched on Kickstarter and reached its goal of €36,000 within two hours. The campaign has now raised over €600,000 to allow Lix launch the product.

LIX is seems as the perfect tool for making writings, accessories, decoration pieces, art and crafts for kids, artistic jewelry, prototypes, and any different forms of drawings.

LIX 3D printing pen has the similar function as 3D printers. It melts and cools coloured plastic, letting you create rigid and freestanding structures. Lix has a hot-end nozzle that is power supplied from USB 3.0 port. The plastic filament ABS/PLA is introduced in the upper extremity of Lix Pen. The filament goes through a patented mechanism while moving through the pen to finally reach the hot-end nozzle which melts and cools it down. An interesting fact about this light-weight, engineered pen is that these structures can be formed in any imaginable shape.

A pledge of €100 and a customer will get a single Lix 3-D printing pen and three bags of plastic - essentially, the pen's "ink" - to use in creating works with the pen.

Via: Lix

Lix 3D Printing Pen

Lix 3D PenLix 3D Pen