Part of the pleasure of being first is witnessing people's reactions to seeing something for the very first time. With so many virgin walls of varying styles and shapes we felt it was vital to go straight into the heart of the community and see how they would react to The Liberia Project. So, for our first piece we headed to the main road towards the beach as the entire town seems to pass it on a daily basis. We’ve selected a wall of an old building across from the county’s only bank. It overlooks the lake and seems a perfect fit for Martin Whatson’s “Figure At The Window”.

Late in the evening as we watched the sunset over perfect surf the team made the decision to get to work. So whilst most of the town headed for dinner we headed for the wall armed with a projector, laptop and a tin of white paint. A crowd quickly gathered once the image was projected and the distant whispers began to grow into hard-hitting questions that made the team debate the entire project. This unsettling feeling was to become familiar over the coming days as we laid the foundations for the painting. But once the piece began to take shape, onlookers went from questioning our motives to offering help.

The team started by outlining Martin’s grey tones to learn the basics of using a brush. They worked together to keep it as accurate possible as they would regularly surround the piece with 3 painters and twice as many “advisors” pointing out potential blunders. There was something undeniably admirable about watching the team aim for perfection in this entirely new undertaking.

Next came the addition of Martin’s iconic vibrant graffiti. There was a sudden feeling of success when the first layer of colour hit the wall. The team’s confidence levels rose as the piece came to life and they saw the potential in the project. This little splash of colour drew everyone’s attention to the beauty of this neglected site which has now become known as the “Lady on the Lake”. 

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 Martin Whatson Kicks off The Project


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Images: Alphanso Appleton + Apartial