The streets of Arkansas are a lot brighter after a visit from two Irish legends. Maser and Conor Harrington have collaborated to create an exceptional mural outside Boardertown Skate Shop. The pair teamed up two years ago to create 'Here' and now they are back to combine Harrington’s signature figures with Maser’s striking use of colour. The multi-layered mural throws the spotlight on relationships and the finished product is astounding.

Those of you interested in seeing examples of their sensational work can head towards Temple Bar, Merrion Row, Camden Street and various other spots around Ireland & the UK. The artists have always balanced their gallery work with murals in the streets as they continue to draw more and more attention to Irish talent. Hopefully we will see them blending their styles again in a spot a closer to home.

Maser Harrington Img 4


Maser Harrington Img 5


Maser Harrington Img 6


Final Piece Maser Harrington


Images Via: Maser, Conor Harrington, 5News