Lazarides is set to host Maser’s latest collection of work in an upcoming show entitled Orbiting on the Periphery. “With strong use of bold graphic and geometric elements, loose brush strokes and relief work, the exhibition emphasises Maser's interest in duality and the thought-provoking relationship between the physical and psychological.” This new body of work is simply stunning.

It is no secret that Maser is the master of colour. His perfect blends of vibrant and calming colours are amplified by the introduction of a variety of textures in his latest series of layered paintings. This is another element that adds to the complexity of his work as he is quickly becoming one of Ireland's most prominent creatives. Here is a little glimpse of what can be seen in Lazarides between the 8th of April and the 5th of May. Follow Maser to see more from Orbiting on the Periphery.

Maser Orbiting on the Periphery Img 1


Maser Orbiting on the Periphery Img 2


Maser Orbiting on the Periphery Img 3


Maser Orbiting on the Periphery Img 4


Images Via: Lazarides