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We recently sat down with the multi-talented McBess to learn a little more about his unique style. He balances his day with a blend of music, illustration and animation. His surreal work is full of unique characters that flow between a weird and wonderful world of sex, food, music and drink. His insanely intricate detailed designs are nothing short of inspiring and we can’t get enough of them.


Apartial: What are the ingredients to a classic McBess piece?

McBess: That is a hard one because if I had the recipe that worked every time it would make my life so much easier. But, I guess it is the right amount of black and the right amount of white… It must be inspired by the right thing at the right time. I suppose, I like a busy piece that is smooth and curvy all at the same time.


A: What is it that keeps you focused on black and white?

M: I always feel like I’m faffing around when I experiment with colour. I like the contrast when you take a picture and set it to black and white, of course depending on the picture. But, I feel you nearly always get more out of it. I also love typography as well and I think it is best when it is black and white so that is why I’m staying with it.


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A: What are the factors that inspire your work?

M: I don’t really go very far, I draw simple things like music, food, sex, and all this sort of stuff. Music has always been a very important thing for me. I just love the look of it, which is a strange thing to say. But, it is always hard for me when you have a great album and the cover isn’t that good. For me, I have to stick animation on everything I listen to. I like to know the mood of the musician that has been writing and recording it. I guess music is part of the illustration and the other way around. It is like an obsession with music so I feel like I’m bringing it up through the drawing.


A: Do you approach music, animation and illustration differently or is it all simply being ‘creative’ and one project is simply suited to a song and another to a drawing?

M: I think it is all just being creative. I don’t see the discipline as key. You shouldn’t stick to one, if you’re good at something I’m sure it can translate itself into something else. Now, it might not be amazing but you can get by and should always try something new. It may take longer but it is not always about efficiency.


A: Is there any other discipline that you would like to experiment with?

M: I think telling stories through animation or live action would be something I’d be interested in doing in the future. Maybe doing a TV show or something like that. I like the idea of creating back-stories for characters on a long-term basis and seeing what happens. 


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A: You’ve brought a lot of your interests under one roof in the form of The Dudes Factory. What drives this dynamic venture?

M: They were working well without me and we just started working together because we became good friends. It was not really about the work, we just had a bloody good time together and we still do. In The Dudes Factory now, it is three main guys; one of them has two of his brothers working there and my brother is there as well so it is a bit of a family-friends business. We’re just trying to make things that please us rather than what pleases a crowd so I think that is where the passion comes from. Like last year we opened a bar, it was just the stupidest idea because nobody knew how to run a bar but we just thought it would be amazing if we had our own place to have parties so we just did it. And now, it is hard but it is so rewarding as well.


A:  What does the future hold for McBess?

M: I think I want to keep doing this weird mix of illustration, animation, exhibition and a lot of music. But, I always think about what I’m going to do in the future because it has been 10 years and I think what is going to happen or am I going to go out of trend?... I just want to keep following my internal compass and just try to do the stuff I’m interested in. For now, it is making music and illustration. We’ve set up our own little recording studio and illustration goes really well with it because it gives us material for events and those events can become exhibitions or parties or anything we want. It is all just ingredients for a bigger recipe.


Make sure you check out more of McBess and get your hands on some of his work from the new The Dudes Factory website. 


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Images and Video Via: McBess and The Dudes Factory