Dermot McConaghy is a visual artist from Northern Ireland and is better known as DMC. Over recent years he has painted large-scale paintings on various walls across Ireland. His work can be seen in Lurgan, Belfast, Dublin and Limerick. His work focuses on female portraits and the beauty that they behold. There is a certain sadness within his work as he captures the atmosphere perfectly. He uses a mixture of realism and abstraction to colour the streets with his tales of missed communication. Dermot works with a wall in order to engage with both the people and the environment creating a new story that will hopefully inspire the community.

  Absent Hearted

‘Absent Hearted’ // Cathedral Place, Limerick, Ireland


Absent Hearted is a piece that talks about being present in what you do. The girl is speaking in abstract and colour, it spreads across the wall in a distorted way. On the opposite wall there is ad unpainted heart across a door and old fireplace. The door is shut the fire is out. This piece represents the importance of having love within what you do.


Annual Leave

‘Annual Leave’ // Aghagallon, Northern Ireland


Painted at Big Noels farm, this piece was a collaboration between DMC & JMK. It looks at a girl removing herself from an unhealthy relationship. The mouse is representing a new start on strong foundations.



‘Hope’ // Lurgan, Northern Ireland


Dermot painted this piece for PIPS UpperBann, a suicide prevention charity. Wanting to sensitively raise awareness about the issue of suicide, DMC donated this large piece called HOPE to the charity. The aim was to force the conversation publicly and to make people see the positive work being done and to seek support if needed.


Long Runs The Fox

‘Long Runs The Fox’ // North St., Belfast, Northern Ireland


This stunning portrait was painted for Culture Night celebrations in Belfast. So often murals in Northern Ireland focus on the troubles, conflict and territory but not this one. This piece is a portrait of another artist and it demonstrates how art can change an area for the positive.


Love Me So

‘Love Me So’ // Thomas St., Limerick, Ireland


This work is on display in the centre of Limerick. It is a double wall site and speaks about this woman who is looking at herself as a child. It is about the love we receive when we are young and how that shapes everything from friendships and relationships in later life.



‘Saudade’ // Chancery St., Dublin, Ireland


Saudade is a Portuguese word that doesn’t translate into English. It describes a longing feeling, a longing for a memory or a place or person that is deeply routed in the soul. This piece is a reflection of that feeling.


DMC is one of Ireland’s most exciting and striking artists as he draws your eye with intricate detail and powerful colours. We look forward to seeing more of his amazing work in the near future. 

Images Via: DMC