The newest product to join the Apple line has been one of the most anticipated announcements in the tech world since the iPad. However, the Apple Watch has not delivered on ground breaking design like its predecessors. Leaders in the design world have created concepts that got us excited over the last few months but unfortunately Apple have followed the rest of the market and launched another standard looking smart watch. The big focus seemed to be surrounding its fitness tracking ability but even this fell far short of what we expected and its full potential. In our eyes ‘wearables’ have a long way to go before they can be seen as the next ‘must have’.


Below is what we expected to see when Tim Cook approached the stage but the world was disappointed when he didn’t reveal a revolutionary design in wearable technology. 


Concept iWatch 1

Concept iWatch Image 1

Concept iWatch 2

Concept iWatch 2


Here is a preview of what Apple call “Watch” and what Mashable called a watch that looks like “your dad’s favourite belt”.  The Apartial verdict – A Disappointment. 


Apple Watch

iWatch Image 1


iWatch Image 2


Taking a look at its competitors below we can see that it will have a tough time in the marketplace. The LG Watch R is by far the most appealing of them from a pure aesthetic point of view.


LG Watch R

LG Watch R Image 1



Moto 360

Moto 360 Image 1


Samsung Gear S

Samsung Gear S 1