Apartial is all about supporting creatives that are designing with a difference. Our mission is to inspire everyone from leading art directors to the next generation of tattoo artists. Apartial allows you to easily discover and collect work from some of Ireland’s most innovative artists and designers.

We need your help to spread the word so we have collected a few resources to make it easier but if you are looking for something that you can’t find here, just send a mail to info@apartial.com.

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What is it? Apartial is an online platform for discovering and collecting work from different creative disciplines.

Who is behind it? The website was founded by Mark and Stephen Leonard but Apartial would be a blank platform without the work of the creatives.

What type of content is published? Think innovative products, unique street art, custom tattoos, ground breaking architecture and everything in between.  Combine this with tips, studio-visits and the latest news from all corners of the creative community. Members and industry leaders will also be writing articles to give you further insight into their world. 

Why was it developed? We are constantly blown away by unknown talent while our newsfeeds are filled with the same old regurgitated art and designs. So, we decided we would stop moaning and do something about it.

When will the Store be launched? Apartial aims to have the store up and running in the coming months. We want to make sure the most innovative creatives are involved so people can buy exceptional work from various different disciplines all in the one place.

Who was it made for? Apartial was developed for anyone looking for inspiration. Find some art to fill that space on your wall, explore the portfolios before getting your next tattoo, rediscover the world from a different viewpoint by following our photographers.

How does it work for creatives? Our team spends a lot of time selecting creatives that break away from the 'standard' work that is seen in most disciplines. We upload their portoflio to Apartial and do whatever we can to support them. 

How does it work for everyone else? Anybody can create a profile on Apartial which will allow you to buy original artwork, prints, and more. You can also follow artists, save articles, write comments and add your favouirte work to your profile. 

What is the plan for the future? Make no mistake, Apartial is going to be here for the long haul. We plan to support as many creatives as possible while working with galleries, websites, magazines, studios, museums and anyone else that shares our passion for innovation.  

What about social media? Apartial is all about inspiring as many people as possible so we will be posting, tweeting and everything else. Share our social media pages with all your friends and followers so they can discover more unique work.

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Mark Leonard // Stephen Leonard (Co-Founders)

 Photograph: Larry Gorman // Location: The Ink Factory

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