Shepard Fairey X VRt


VR, AI, ML, AR and every other acronym we relate to the future are becoming more and more part of the present. The art world is not getting left behind as VRt Ventures have teamed up with Shepard Fairey and Juxtapoz Magazine to launch “DAMAGED". Juxtapoz has described this as a “VR/AR immersive experience allowing fans to step inside Shepard Fairey’s largest solo exhibition to date. Preserving the famed artist’s work in perpetuity, the experience will be available for download today on 5 major platforms, including Oculus, Samsung Gear and Steam in VR, as well as on the iOS App store for Apple mobile devices and on the Google Play store for Android mobile devices.” Sounds like a solid way to catch up on all those amazing shows around the world so count us in.


Shepard Fairey 




Images and Video Via: Obey / Juxtapoz