The tattoo and photography communities come together to bring us Pigment, an exhibition based on modern day tattoo art and culture. This event will run from the 18th - 24th of August in The Library Project, Dublin. Pigment is curated by two of Ireland’s most innovative players in the creative community; Shane Guerrini, creative director of Dublin Ink, and Shane O Driscoll, co-director of FTLO.


In order to run this exhibition they need your help and have provided some great rewards in return for your funding. In funding this project, your money will go towards costs involved for printing and mounting the artwork, print costs for the accompanying publication as well as gallery rental. Check out their FundIt project  and show your support.


Photographers: Sean & Yvette, Richard Gilligan, Kathrin Baumbach, Joshua Gordon, Noel Bowler, Paul Mahon, Johnny Savage, Sean Jackson, Jean Curran.


Tattoo Artists: Norbert Halasz, Augis, Matthew James, Kevin McNamara, Isnard Barbosa, Xu Yi Lili, Nate Evans, Roger Axelsson, Piotr Gie


Video and Photos Via: Pigment

Pigment CoverPigment Image 1Pigment Image 2Pigment Image 3Pigment Image 4Pigment Image 5