Everyone at Apartial is getting excited about the upcoming shows around Europe this September. The National Photographic Archive  is host to Gerry Andrews  exhibition “Shaped By History”. There are 85 stunning black and white photographs of the Limerick Milk Market between 1971 and 1978. Those of you lucky enough to be in London can visit ‘Endless Summer’ by Ian Francis at The Outsiders. The Bristol-based artist’s show opens September 5th and runs through to October 4th. The German duo, Herakut, is showcasing some new work in Ruttkowski 68 Gallery in Cologne throughout September. Their signature style of art is as impressive on their large outdoor murals as their intimate indoor exhibitions. Here is a preview of the work that will be on display. 


Photos Via: The Outsiders, Gerry AndrewsHerakut


Ian Francis Image 1

Ian FrancisIan Francis Image 2

Ian FrancisHerakut Image 1

HerakutHerakut Image 2

HerakutGerry Andrews Image 1

Gerry AndrewsGerry Andrews Image 2

Gerry Andrews