The well-known Irish band has teamed up with some of the world’s greatest street artists to create 11 short films to accompany their new album, Songs of Innocence. The line separating the art and music scenes is becoming more and more blurred as U2 are the latest band to tap into the world of paint, pencils and ink. ‘Films of Innocence’  brings motion to the work of MaserD*FaceChloe Early and others. The artists were allowed complete creative control in this high profile project. Director, Jefferson Hack, and his team have released a clip to get us excited for the December 9th release date. 



Maser - Films of Innocence


Todd James - Films of Innocence


D*Face - Films of Innocence


Ganzeer - Films of Innocence


Roa - Films of Innocence


Explosions - Films of Innocence


Oliver Jeffers - Films of Innocence