Vhils is not just another artists, he has pioneered multiple new forms of creation with his unique style but the importance of his subject is often underestimated. He makes artwork that matters. His recent piece for his Festival Iminente was a tribute to one of the great human rights advocates of our time, Marielle Franco. She stood for human rights violations in Rio De Janeiro but was shot dead last March. Her message still inspires the wider world to continue to fight for what you believe in. We urge you to look beyond the beauty of his murals and explore the story. Find out more at Vhils or join the movement.

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Este ano, para o @festivalminente juntei-me à @amnesty @amnistiapt @anistiabrasil para celebrar a coragem das mulheres defensoras de direitos humanos. Integrando a campanha BRAVE, criei um mural no Panorâmico de Monsanto em homenagem a Marielle Franco, que foi morta a tiro no Rio de Janeiro. Eleita vereadora no Rio, destacou-se por denunciar violações de direitos humanos, especialmente contra jovens negros, mulheres e pessoas LGBTI. A sua mensagem continua a inspirar pessoas em todo mundo, lembrando-nos que nunca devemos desistir de lutar pela justiça. - Junta-te ao movimento aqui: https://www.amnistia.pt/marielle-mural-by-vhils-pt _ This year, for @festivaliminente I joined forces with @amnesty @amnistiapt @anistiabrasil to celebrate the courage of women who stand up for Human Rights. As part of the BRVAE campaign, I created a mural at the Panorâmico de Monsanto, paying homage to Marielle Franco, one of the great human rights advocates of our time, who was shot dead in Rio de Janeiro. Marielle was elected as a Councillor for the city of Rio and stood out for denouncing human rights violations, especially against black youth, women and LGBTI people. Her message continues to inspire people around the world, reminding us that we should never give up on fighting for justice. _ Join the movement here: https://www.amnistia.pt/marielle-mural-by-vhils-en/ _ #mariellefranco #marielle #mariellepresente #amnistiainternacional #amnestyinternational #aministiaportugal #anistiabrasil #direitoshumanos #humanrights #brave #bravewalls #festivaliminente #vhils #takeaction

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