The RDS was taken over by 20,000 technology enthusiasts that were treated to three days of big names, billionaires, banter and broken WiFi. It has become an important date for all Irish developers and designers as all the main players arrive to mingle with young innovators full of caffeine.  Paddy Cosgrave, Founder of The Web Summit, complied an impressive list of speakers to inspire the next generation of technology giants. The crowd listened to the thoughts and tales of Peter Thiel, John Collison, Drew Houston, Dave Goldberg, Tony Hawk and more. These remarkable visionaries took the spotlight as the audience struggled with the broken WiFi. The hall was packed with new designs, features and companies that are sure to become everyday norms in the coming months. We are already looking forward to next year’s event as our team are hoping that it will inspire more innovators and creators that help develop breath-taking technology. 


Paddy Cosgrave // Web Summit Founder 

Paddy Cosgrave Web Summit Founder


Maser // Stage @ Web Summit

Maser Stage Web Summit


Guiness Tweet

 Guinness Tweet


Main Stage // Web Summit

Main Stage Web Summit


Photos Via: Irish Times, Maser, Guinness, Web Summit