Here is a small selection of shots that capture our projects since starting in 2016. None of this would have been possible without the support of the artists: Conor Harrington, Faile, Herakut, Felipe Pantone, JR, Slinkachu, Maser, Mark Jenkins, Sandra Chevrier, Ben Eine, Martin Whatson and more.


Herakut - The Uganda Project


Herakut – ‘You Could Be Raising The World’s Next King’

Viola and Mary, a young South Sudanese mother and her baby, standing in front of Herakut’s artwork that she recreated in the world’s largest refugee settlement in Northern Uganda.


JR - Portraits of Progress Liberia


JR X Alphanso Appleton – ‘Portraits of Progress’

A series of shots capturing Liberians’ emotions from the dark days of civil war to the brighter future they’re working towards.


Conor Harrington - The Liberia Project


Conor Harrington

A group of students come together to recreate the powerful artwork of Conor Harrington after the Ebola outbreak in Liberia.


Maser - Classroom The Uganda Project


Maser – Classroom

This is the first lesson taking place in the colourful classroom transformed by the Irish artist in Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement.


Felipe Pantone - The Hut


Felipe Pantone – ‘Surf + Creative Club’

Liberian surfers built and painted their own clubhouse after Felipe Pantone pulled together the inspiring design.


Mark Jenkins - The Liberia Project


Mark Jenkins

This ship landed on the Liberian coastline and a team of locals installed one of Mark Jenkin’s iconic tape-sculptures pushing it back to the ocean. This shot captures the first person to come across the mysterious installation.


Ben Eine - The Lesvos Project


Ben Eine – ‘Freedom’

Ben Eine captures the dreams of refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere while they watch him finish ‘FREEDOM’ on Lesvos Island, Greece.


Sandra Chevrier - The Uganda Project


Sandra Chevrier – ‘Supergirl’

Lina is a South Sudanese teenager who lost her family in the conflict yet she displays outstanding strength and determination. She painted this powerful self-portrait inspired by Sandra Chevrier’s ‘Fragile Heroes’ to inspire other women in the camp.


1010 - The Liberia Project


1010 – ‘Portal’

A young Liberian student painted one of 1010’s notorious portals on the side of a water tower deep in the Liberian landscape. This dramatic view captures the potential of this misrepresented region.


Bodyman Surfboards - The Hut


Bodyman Boards

Romeo, aka ‘Bodyman’, shaping his first wooden Alaia surfboard in his studio in the small surf-town of Robertsport. This board will go on to be painted and sold to fund the transformation of his workshop.


Seth - The Uganda Project


Seth – ‘Brighter Future Project’

John putting the finishing touches on his mural, inspired by Seth’s artwork, in the middle of Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement close to the South Sudanese border.


Maser - The Liberia Project


Maser – ‘Basketball Court’

This is the first game played on the old petrol station that was transformed into a vibrant basketball court in the heart of West Africa.