The People of Puerto Rico & Save The Children

“Ciales was devastated by Hurricane Maria; power is still out across much of the municipality and most schools are only operating half days. Save the Children is committed to working with community members in Barrio Fronton over the coming year, helping them to build back better and stronger than ever,” said Casey Harrity, Save the Children’s team leader in Puerto Rico. “It is a long road ahead, but this project was the perfect way to bring everyone together to mark the New Year and celebrate the beginning of our partnership with this resilient community.”


Team Puerto Rico



The multicolored geometric structures and patterns are joined with gray bodies and organic forms in artistic pieces that could be categorized as pop Surrealism with a clear essence of street forms. His works often raise contradictions about existentialism, the universe, the infinite, the meaning of life, the false freedom of capitalism, and show a clear conflict between modernity and our roots; ultimately, between man and himself. In his work, multicolored geometric architectures blend with organic shapes, bodies without identity, headless animals, symbols that encourage reflection ... A unique iconographic language.